Pre-Processing steps usually refers to cuttingdrilling & edgingwashing & drying and Silk Screen printing.

Riemal has high performance, fully automatic cutting lines from loading to breakout that cuts glass size up to 6000 x 3210 mm big with any required shape and size.

Glass cutting

With over 35 drilling and edging machines from manual to high precision fully automatic techniques, we have a variety of glass finishing for holes, notches, and edging. With our Alpa machine we can process more complex glass shapes.

We have available the following edge finishing:

Grinding is the process of softening the edges of glass for better appearance. Our grinding machines process up to 50 mm thick glass.


  • Flat edges
  • Flat edges with two arriss
  • Pencil edges
  • Both flat and pencil edges can be polished – making the edges shine
  • Julia grinding
  • Triple grinding
  • Angle edging – available in different degree
  • Cent (dupping) corner
  • Radius corner
  • Sharp corner

Beveling is applicable on glass from 3 to 20 mm thickness with depth between 1.5 till 5 cm respectively.


With our infinite number of edge work, you are advised to refer to our technical department for your request.

Washing & Drying

In order to guarantee a high quality glass before further processing, glass is washed with brushes and special solvents to remove any impurities.

Silk Screen Printing

Our screen printing operation is done by a fully automatic line working on glass up to 20 mm glass thickness at dimensions 2.40 x 1.40 m unit and on up to 6 mm glass thickness at 2.4 x 3.4. We have up to three prints.

Silk screen printing

Print application could be on the glass total surface or in customized drawings.

Silk screened glass

Silk screen printed glass sheets are tempered could be single flat or curved or incorporated in laminated or double glass units.

Screen printed glass is used in the following applications: glass for vehicleshouse appliancesfurniturestairs, tiles, balustradesdoors and partitions, and decoration.

Please refer back to us for our Ral of colors.