Dr. Greiche is a certified global processor for a wide range of glass types and ensures all time availability of all raw materials in its warehouses. All our processing is according to international standards.

Glass Material stored and processed in our factories:

  • Clear Glass
  • Extra Clear Glass: Highly transparent glass with low iron content
  • Tinted Glass: Colored glass available in different colors; it has higher solar control characteristics than clear glass.


  • Coated / High-Performance Glass: It has solar control and heat insulation properties due to high light reflection and absorption. It is Available in hard coat and soft coat and different colors and levels of transparency that affects its light transmission.


  • Low Emissivity (Low-E) Glass: A type of coated glass that prevents penetration of infrared radiation and decrease heat transfer preserving room temperature and decreasing electrical consumption.
  • Patterned Glass: Decorative glass mainly for internal use with different patterns embossed on the glass.
  • Matelux: A high-quality acid etched glass, more or less translucent with high resistance to fingerprints and stains.

Please contact us for more information about the different types of glass, thicknesses, and colors available.

All above types are processed and combined together to achieve clients’ required performance in protection, solar control, heat and sound insulation, and aesthetics.